Great culture attracts smart creative talents and gives them a space to maximize their creativity. We organize our company around the people with the greatest impact and don't limit their creativity by a formal business plan. We are full of curiosity, passion and desire to win.

Minhyun Kim
Google Software Engineer
Lead Software Engineer
Dongil Seo
Google Staff Software Engineer
Ph.D. in Computer Science
at Seoul National University
Blockchain Developer
Seonghwa Yun
NAVER Software Engineer
Blockchain Developer
Lia Yoo
Google Software Engineer Intern
BS in Computer Science at
Washington Univ. in St. Louis
John Kim
Google Business Lead
Product Manager
Daesung Kim
NAVER LABS Senior UX Designer
Samsung Mobile UX Designer
Product Designer
Jiyoung Yang
BS in Industrial Design
at Konkuk Univ.
Software Engineer
Laeyoung Chang
SK Planet Software Engineer
LG Electronics CTO Researcher
Partnership Manager
SY Bang
Doosan Robotics Global KA Manager
Doosan Group Tri-C
Blockchain Researcher
Minsu Lee
BlockchainOS Researcher
MSc in Information Security at
University College London
Software Engineer
Hongmin Yang
MS in Computer Science
UX Designer
Ahyoung Kwon
Bespin Global UX Lead
Software Engineer
Seungho Kim
Snippod Inc. Backend DevOps
Software Engineer
Donghyun Choi
Global Marketing Manager
Jeunghwan Jeon
Software Engineer
Minho Ryang
Humanscape Software Engineer
Google Software Engineer Intern
Developer Relations
Phillip Shin
Innovation Academy Partnership Manager
Business Support
Bobae Jeon
Software Engineer
Hanjeong Lee
Software Engineer
Sanghee Choi
Global Marketing & DevRel
Julia Jo
Software Engineer
Hyeonwoong Woo

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